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{*FREE*} Top 4 Mobile Apps to Save 4G Data On Your Android Phone

Top 4 Mobile Apps to Save 4G Data On Your Android Phone. Today we are going to tell you few apps to save 4g data on the android phone. Android users can keep track of their smartphone’s data consumption using the handset’s built-in tools. However, these tools have limited features and are often hard to find as most phone makers tweak the interface and Settings page in different ways.

4 Mobile Apps to Save 4G Data On Your Android Phone

Google Play Store has several apps which can do a bit more and give users greater control over the apps and their data consumption. Also, users are more likely to go to these apps as they are more easily accessible than data management options buried inside Settings page.

The ultimate way to Save 4G Data on Android Mobile

Here are some of the data management apps to Save 4G Data On Your Android Phone:

Datally: Save 4G Data on Android Mobile)

  • Datally can help users identify data-intensive apps and provide tools to curb the overuse.
  • The Data meter is where users can keep track of the data consumption of all the apps on the device.
  • Data Saver button activates the data saving tool for all the apps. Users can apply these tools to specific apps using the Manage data tool.
  • It also provides a detailed report on the data consumption of the apps in the last one hour, day, week or month.
  • Then there is the Bubbles feature. It gives a real-time update on data consumption of an app on the home screen in a bubble-shaped pop-up.

Samsung Max: Way to Save 4G Data over Android Phone

  • Samsung Max can be a very effective data saving tool for users who rely extensively on mobile data.
  • Inspired by the now discontinued Opera Max, the app works by directing all traffic through its encrypted servers where it compresses all images, videos, audio files, and web pages and then sends them back to user’s device.
  • This reduces the file size and content loads faster using fewer data.
  • The app also has a data saving mode which provides a glimpse into the data usage of all the apps on the smartphone.
  • It also provides the option to block the data usage of apps when they are running in the background.
  • A lot of apps carry out continue syncs and updates even when they are not being used. Despite being a Samsung app, it works with all Android smartphones running Android.

4 Ways to Save Data on Android Mobile

Internet Speed Meter 2018 (Free app to save 4g data on your android phone)

  • Developed by Gallery LLC, known for several file and photo manager apps, this is a no-frills data management app with a very minimalistic interface.
  • Unlike Datally, which has several data saving tools lined up on the home page, Internet Speed Meter provides an overall picture of the monthly data usage on mobile network as well as WiFi.
  • Its second most important feature is the internet controller tool which shows all data-intensive apps and then provides a toggle button for each of them allowing users to switch off their access to the internet when they are running in the background.
  • The app can also test the internet speed available on the device so users would know when to disable internet access for specific apps.

Linq: Best Way to Save your Mobile’s 4G Data

  • Linq is not a typical data management app but can help users save the precious mobile data.
  • It can help users switch from mobile data to WiFi networks whenever they have access to one.
  • It is compliant with TRAI’s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) Wi-Fi Access Network Interface which allows users to connect to WiFi hotspots at railway stations and airports and metro without asking for a phone number or OTP.
  • It also provides the option to connect to PDOAs (public data office aggregators) and WiFi networks created by other Linq users in your vicinity who are willing to share their unused mobile data with others.
  • Anyone who wants to offer public WiFi can sign up to be PDOA after completing eKYC.

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These are the list of Top 4 Android App which can Save 4G Data on your Android Phone. Please comment down your favorite app among these or you can mention any new App to save 4g Data in your Android mobile.

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