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Blue Whale Suicide Squad Game Download from Official Play Store

Blue Whale Suicide Squad Game Download from Official Play Store with Latest updated 50 Challenge Lists. Download Link of Blu Whale Game from Google Play Store. Vkontakte blue whale Game Official Download Links

Disclaimer: Here is kind notice that we are not promoting this application and it is for just creating awareness among the people. So that people can get secure from this harmful game and saved their lives.

Blue whale game Causing Death – Is it True????

Have you ever heard about the blue whale suicide squad game download and it is true this is not a fake news or rumor created among the people. Blue Whale is a game full of exciting challenges one’s need to fulfill if he/she is playing the Blue Whale suicide squad game.

History of Blue whale suicide squad game

Yes, being a citizen and you should be aware of some new things which are benefitted to the society and which are creating a loss to the environment and should even take initiative to create awareness among the people and get secure them from danger.

Blue Whale Challenge #iamwhale

Blue Whale game is developed by Russian software and in India, it is banned because of the issues and problems generating with this game. Yes, this blue whale suicide squad game download is not even available in the Play Store and it does not even find mostly on the internet. It even called as ‘Killing Game’, Yes it is called as killing game because it makes tempt to every individual to attempt suicide and with many already got lost their life. In Russia, 133-140 persons are already died by attempting suicide

How is this game making control over them?

Yeah, even everyone individual may think in the same way as you are thinking and there is a very big thing to wonder and foremost it’s not only a big thing it has become viral and many are talking about the same how this blue whale game taking life of human being and how this game taking control over things.

Normally, this Blue Whale killing game consists of some challenges and level to cross. Sound good right? Yes, sure as the other games also include the same that is challenges and levels to cross and get stages to clear as well. Then you may now arise another question in mind what actually there will be in Blue Whale game which makes killing the living being and what is not there in other game which is not so harmful to the human and other society living being

How to Play Blu Whale Game Safe & Secure? The Process

Once you go for Blue whale suicide squad game download and get this application then you may need to clear some tasks or challenges to clear the levels so that to get another level. So total will be 50 levels, yes there will be total 50 levels and each level will be one different challenge for a player.

Level 1 that is challenge 1 in Blue Whale Suicide Squad game will be seeing horror movie alone and some level challenge will make a design of Whale on your hand with blood.  And even sometimes at some level, the challenge for player of Blue Whale Game will be like jumping from the building and Level 50 will be most interesting to read, but can’t imagine how human are getting addicted to this game

So the challenge #50 will be attempting Suicide will finally taking the life of ones. So it is strictly said to keep away from children and under age 14-18

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Blue Whale Suicide Squad Game Download Link

So you are looking for Blue whale Game Download link, yes It is banned from downloading but don’t worry you can easily find it from many other downloading sites. You can Search it on any better search engine and find Download Link of Blue Whale Suicide Squad Game with Latest Challenge List.

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