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How to Change Jio Phone Language – Set Your Regional Language

How to Change Jio Phone Language – Set Your Regional Language (Hindi/Tamil/Odia/Gujarati/Bengali etc.) in Jio Phone. How to Change Language in Jio Phone. Hindi Typing & Voice Assistant in JioPhone & JioPhone 2. Jio Phone Supports 24 Indian Language. Set Your Favourite Language in Jio Phone.

How to Change Jio Phone Language

JIO became very popular which had released with so many features for which mobile users are eagerly waiting for many years like Jio mobile with JIO sim card. We all aware of JIO is providing free internet services, free calling, and free texting also.JIO mobiles were released all over India. India has many states when different languages are being spoken based on the place or state they are living. So there must be language changing facility in Jio mobiles.

The default language of JIO phone

Yes the default language of JIO is English. If you feel tough to go with English you can shift to your regional language. Even you are well in English regional language really helps you to make good and friendly conversations with your friends, family or relatives. Your wish is correct but to implement this you need to now process of changing the language in JIO phone. Thinking about this?? Don’t worry I will give you steps to change language in JIO phone.

How to Change Language in Jio Phone

The excellent feature JIO providing is changing the language in JIO phone. It is very easy to change the language in JIO mobile. Set Your Regional Language (Hindi/Tamil/Odia/Gujarati/Bengali etc.) in Jio Phone. Follow the Guidelines.

Process How you Can Change Jio Phone Language

  1. Go to Menu button
  2. Select settings
  3. Press the right key for one time
  4. Then press down arrow where you can find multiple language options available with JIO phone
  5. Select the language you preferred
  6. Then press the menu button to get your selected language.

Steps to Change language in your Jio Phone.

I am providing you the list of all the Indian languages to make you easy. All these languages are supported by JIO phones see the given list of language.

  1. Hindi
  2. Urdu
  3. Bengali
  4. Punjabi
  5. Malayalam
  6. Marathi
  7. Telugu
  8. Kannada
  9. Tamil
  10. Telugu
  11. English
  12. Kannada
  13. Odia
  14. Malayalam
  15. Gujarati

How to Change JioPhone Language in Hindi Video

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Language Typing Apps:

I just mentioned that we can change the language in JIO phone. There are some typing applications available. Here I am going to give clear explanations about five top language typing applications.

  • Hindi Pride: It is Hindi Typing App. Hindi editor which is very useful in typing text. It uses the English keyboard and changes the terms in Hindi itself. It is the specialty of Hindi Editor.  Different languages like Punjabi, Marathi, and Urdu etc have been supported by Hindi Editor.
  • Swift Key: Swift key is a typing application. It is customized highly and easy to use a keyboard for your phone.  Indic Keyboard is followed by Swift key typing application.
  • TS keyboard: TS keyboard is very advanced featured typing keyboard. This language contains 25 different languages. So we can say it is more useful and can be used easily.Check this Also: Use Jio 4G Internet on Your PC & Laptop
  • Indic Keyboard: It is a free and open source. You can download it for free from your play store. This keyboard contains many languages in it for changing languages.  Indic has mostly used a keyboard. Indic is known as the best keyboard as it is used for multiple languages.
  • Swalekh Keyboard: Swalekh App is an Indian language keyboard. Even it is not popular it  supports more than 12 Indian languages

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