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Connect Jio Phone to TV, LCD, LED with Jio TV Cable or Jio Media Cable

How to Connect Jio Phone to TV, LCD, LED with Jio TV Cable or Jio Media Cable. Buy Jio Media Cable and Connect your TV with Jio Phone easily. Follow the Guides to Connect Jio Phone To your LED TV, LCD, CRT TV and Enjoy movies, music, Shows on BIG Screen. How to Connect Jio TV from Mobile to TV and How to Connect Jio Phone to LED TV.

How to Connect Jio Phone to LED TV?

Reliance Jio has now acquainted the Jio Media Cable in order to Connect Jio Phone to TV with the help of Jio Media Cable. As of late Reliance Jio has propelled the 4g Feature telephone with Rs 1500 offer to its clients.

The Jio has revealed the Jio Phone online booking from 24th August 5.30 pm onwards. The Reliance Jio’s free 4G Phone offers free voice calls, free information, free SMS, free wandering, and free access to Jio applications, for example, Jio Music, Jio Movies and so forth. Clients can get these awesome advantages with Jio 4G which includes telephone ‘Jio Phone’.

How to Connect Jio Phone to TV? Check it out

To extend the 4G innovation in India Reliance Jio has propelled this element telephone. Jio has the objective to draw in the component telephone clients to utilize 4G telephone and built it up globally. Presently, the Reliance Jio has released Media Cable which Connect Jio Phone to TV (LCD, LED), to appreciate it on the large screen.

How to Connect Jio TV from Mobile to TV with Jio TV Connector

The Jio Media Cable gives the clients a chance to watch the JioPhone content on the extra large screen. Since the Jio Phone will have just 2.4-inch QVGA show, clients can’t appreciate watching recordings, motion pictures on Mobile. So, they can associate the Jio Phone to LCD/LED TV and appreciate the film or shows.

How to Connect Jio TV from Mobile to TV


The Jio is yet to disclose the cost of the Jio Media Cable. But, according to the data from the sources, the Jio Media Cable may be up for a buy @ Rs 249.

Buy Jio Media Cable Online to Connect Jio Phone to TV

Oh god, don’t sweat! It’s not too complicated.

  • You just have to Visit Jio official website,
  • Here you might have to do a little searching for Jio Media Cable.
  • You would have to sign in your account or sign up if you don’t have an account.
  • Enter your address where you want your cable to be delivered, you would have to give your email as well and enter your details correctly.
  • Then you would have to make a payment. The payment method is something you would have to decide.

Then what else do you need? Nothing, after the above step you would have officially ordered your cable. Now you just have to wait for it to arrive soon at your provided address.

Want to Buy Jio Media Cable or Jio TV Cable Online Order, Check this out.

Connect Jio Phone TV Cable to any TV (Smart, LED, LCD, CRT)

So after you get your Media Cable, wouldn’t you want to know how do you connect it to your devices?

  • You can connect your Jio Phone with Media Cable to LCD, LED and CRT TV
  • But before all this, you should have a Jio Portable Sim which is recharged with Rs. 309.
  • Then you can connect it to your TV
  • You would have to open the Jio TV application and play a video to test it out.

You know it would be best with a large LCD screen, use to make your experience greater. That’s it I hope you now know how you will operate your Cable. So order Jio Cable to Connect Jio Phone to TV, before they run out of stock.

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