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** NO ROOT ** How to Turn or Convert your Android Phone into iPhone X

How to Convert your Android Phone into iPhone X in 5 Minute without Rooting. Turn your android mobile to an IOS iPhone X by some Simple Apps. Step by Step guide to Convert your Android phone to iPhoneX. Free Apps to Turn an Android Phone Into an Apple iPhone X, 8 or 10.

Is it Possible to Convert Android Phone into iPhone X?

Is Android Phone into iPhone X is possible or just a rumor? The same question on everyone’s mind right. Yeah, it’s the hot topic that everyone is discussing whether you can Switch Android phone to iPhone X. Yes, it is possible and recently a developer named as Idoidea had created an application from which users can convert Android Phone into iPhoneX within 5 minutes and less than that. iPhone X as we all know the one branded phone and it is famous for the special features and specifications that are exists with this device.

Steps by Steps guide to Convert your Android Phone into iPhone X

step by step guide turn android to iphone

Are you still in wonder and looking how Android Phone into iPhone X can be done in a matter of 5 minutes? Yes, you don’t need to worry as there is the simple and easy way to turn Android Phone to iPhone X in just 5 minutes and here in this article you can find simple steps the iPhone X from an Android. So what else you are waiting for? Let jump into the procedure and let us know how it can be done within 5 minutes and less than that.

  • Install and download the app named as Xoutof10″, if you are the Android users and download Xoutof10 app from the Google play store.
  • With the installation and download of X app, then a black space is created which helps to notch the features of iPhone X.
  • That notch will help you to convert your Android phone into iPhone X.
  • It’s quite simple, right? Yes, of course, you just need to install and download Xcountof10 from the Google play store and but you need to give permission over the other apps

How to give permission for Xcountof10 for Android apps?

Yes, it is important and if you want to work Xcountof10 app and when you like to have access of converting Android phone into iPhone X. Permit drawing over the other apps helps you in easy convert Android Phone into iPhoneX and have access to all the features of iPhone X

Just after downloading this app, setting and allow this app to draw from other apps installed on your Android phones. Here are some questions where you will face when trying to convert Android mobiles into iPhone X

Is Android Phone into iPhone X converting really works?

Yes, it told earlier also that there can be possible for converting an Android phone into iPhoneX and extract the features and specification of the same after converting and it is possible with only Xcountof10 app which is available in the Google Play Store.

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Does Android Oreo work in this process?

No Android Oreo does not work for this process as that the notch will be appearing at the top right corner of the device and can’t make possible with the Oreo Android OS.

Which Android OS is compatible for turning Android mobiles into iPhoneX?

Marshmallow Android OS is compatible for turning Android Phone to iPhone X

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