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Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking Online, Launch Date & Price Rs 699/-

Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking Online, Detel D1 Talkey Price in India Flipkart & Launch Date, Buy Detel Talki 4G Phone only in Rs 699/- Detel D1 Talkey Booking has started and many people already order online the booking of Detel D1 Talkey Mobile which is featured phone at the cost of 699/- Rs only.

Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking Online

Detel finally announced the launched of Detel D1 Mobile phone by today and it has been available on the different online shopping portal to book online of Detel D1 mobile. So what else’s you are waiting for? Start Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking online and get the phone right away.

Detel D1 Talkey Features & Specifications:

Yes, it is very important to know the features of Detel D1 before opting for Detel D1 Talkey Feature Phone Booking online. So this article further covers the main features and specifications that Detel D1 exists with.

Talking Features Added to Detel D1 Talkey Mobile:

Main Purpose of every individual of Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking online and buying Detel D1 mobile online is to get features at a low cost. If you are in the same case, then say yes to Detel D1 mobile. Because the Talking features option that is got added in the Detel D1 mobile makes everyone wonder and start buying the mobile phone with the online booking of Detel D1 mobile as their first step to buy the mobile phone.

Long Battery long life with Detel D1 Mobile Phone:

Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking is only at 699/- with the last longing battery even put users to buy the mobile phone. It has a capacity of 1050mAh and ability to stand much longer even when the phone is in use. You don’t need to think of charging because it will give stand alone for more period of time.

Panic Button and SOS Alert in Detel D1 Mobile Phone:

Don’t you think the emergency is required at every stage we do? Detel D1 mobile development team understand the consequence of emergency and take as priority option to add emergency features to this Talking Detel D1 mobile phone. So it got added with Panic Button and SOS Alert for an emergency case. This features really make people wonder and started for online booking of Detel D1 mobile phone from the different Online Portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and other at only Rs 699/-

Dual Sim, Digital Camera, GPRS Browser with Detel D1 Mobile:

Most of the individual asked the same question about Detel D1 mobile before selecting Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Booking online that is whether Detel D1 mobile have the dual sim or it is valid for the single sim. So finally it got confirmed from the official team that Detel D1 mobile has got dual sim options with Digital Camera that exists with Quad Led Flash.

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Wireless FM, GPRS browser got added positive feedback from the people who have ordered online booking of Detel D1 mobile.

Detel D1 Talkey Mobile Price in India Flipkart

Actually, it is not launched on Flipkart yet but if you all are searching for “Detel D1 Talkey Price in India”, it cost only INR Rs 699/-. You can buy this Detel D1 Talki 4G Phone from its official website ( How you can Buy Detel D1 Talkey Phone, it will be described in the post.

Buy Detel D1 Talkey 4G Phone at Rs 699, but how?

Now, most of the question got every individual is how to book Detel D1 mobile online? Don’t need to do more, just check it down how you can do Detel D1 mobile booking and buy Detel D1 mobile featured phone.

  • Visit any Online Shopping Portal
  • Search for Detel D1 mobile in the search tab
  • Start checking up the features and price related to Detel D1 mobile
  • Order and get the phone to you.

Detel D1 Talki Buy Online Shopping

Here is the official Booking link of Detel D1 Talkey Feature Phone: click here

Detel D1 Talki Mobile Order Online Registration

You all want to grab this 4G phone from Detel India now, So you have to register your interests in this phone using our registration form. By submitting this registration of Detel D1 Talkey mobile you will receive notification about phone availability and other updates.

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