Freedom 251 Info has a unique and comprehensive system of disseminating information to its users. No effort is spared to make it immune from any kind of suspicion or misuse. But, some situations of the circumstances may arise that are not in the exclusive control of us. In all such cases, where we do not have much to alter, or the wrong was not made on our part, we absolve ourselves from all the accountabilities that may arise due to the inappropriate use or understanding of the content.

Personal Information about the users

We at Freedom 251 Info do collect information that includes but not limited to the name, age group, email id, contact no., preferences, the area of interest, etc. The only purpose of collecting this information is to enlighten our readers regarding the things/product that they may like and to better our services. We have a foolproof mechanism for maintaining the sanctity of this information. But, the users are advised to share this information on the risk of their own. Any subsequent claim regarding breach of privacy shall not be entertained.

The features revoked by the company

The information that we provide in our information is genuine for sure. But, some times it may happen that the company of which we are making some claims were made by the company itself, but later it withdrew it and due to some reason or the other we could not update/delete the information. So, in every similar situation, we cannot be held responsible as the users fetched this information from our site and purchased the product due to the feature/s mentioned on our site, which was later revoked by the company itself.

Release Date of a Product

We get notifications from a number of companies about the release date of their products. Our professionals diligently look into the release dates and place the information related to these on the website. But, due to some compelling circumstances or as human errors the release date of a particular product may vary from the actual date. Any type of confusion or inconveniences that may arise due to similar circumstances cannot be attributable to Freedom 251 Info.

Specifications of the Product

We receive the listing of the specifications of a product soon-to-be-launched. We believe what is written over there as in such circumstances, we cannot probe the authenticity of these claims, due to privacy issues of the products and the fiduciary relationship that we deem to share with the companies associated with us. There might be the situation that the specifications may not exactly match with a particular product. As we disseminate the information exclusively received by the company whose product is going to see the mood of the market and we do not have any third party opinion, we thereby absolve ourselves from all the liabilities that may arise when any or bunch of specifications do not match with a particular product.

Guaranty/Warranty of a product

For our esteemed customers, it is important to know that we do not decide the guaranty/warranty of a product that we display on our website. We only act as a go-between and hence we do not control the guaranty and other important parts related to a particular company that you see on our website. You may disagree with the services that you get a product that is in guaranty period. In all such cases, we cannot be made a party as nothing is in our control. Simply put, use our site for information, and all other claims related to the product, you should look forward to its manufacturing company.