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6.0*} Download Hamraaz Army App Latest Version APK, Check Pay Slip

Download Hamraaz Army App Apk Check Pay Slip, Service Information & Hamraaz Army App Helpline Number. Hamraaz Army Application Download, Hamraaz Army APK Download Latest Version 6.0. Hamraaz Army APK Download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Hamraaz Army App for Check Payment, Hamraaz Mobile App Download APK. Download Pay Slip of your Salary from Hamraaz Army APP.

Quick Info: Hamraaz Army APP Download

App NameHamraaz Army APP
Developed byIndian Army
Latest VersionV 6.0 (Current Version)
OS Version Required5.0 or above
Number of Downloads31895895
Last updated on9th Jan 2019
Official Websitemgov
This ArticleDownload Hamraaz Army App Latest Version APK, Check Pay Slip
This WebsiteHamraaz Army APK

Hamraaz Army APK Download 2019 & Check Pay Slip

Hamraaz Army App & Apk Download, which is updated and added more features which actually helps army soldiers and be able to make them easy to know about their salary, ePF, and other funds details. Hamraaz Army APK Download Latest link is available on the multiple sites now where soldiers can easily be accessed and can have Hamraaz Army APK Download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and any other versions for Humraaz army app download.

Download Hamraaz Army App availability option is good and one of the best initiative by Indian Government for Soldiers. But you need to understand how to Download Hamraaz Army App and how to operate Hamraaz Army App.

Latest Version of Hamraaz APK 6.0 Download

This new version is updated on 09 January 2019 (Latest Version) with some major bug fix. It can be used for online grievances management, change of AFPP fund subscription, Individual-specific popup messages, information dissemination and fixation of certain bugs noticed earlier.

(New Apk) Hamraaz Army App 5.0 Version Details: Hamraaz App New Version 2019

Current Version6.0
Updated09-Jan-2019 01:54:32 PM
Offered ByIndian Army
Requires AndroidAndroid 5.0 or above

Note: The new version uploaded on 09 January 2019 caters for a major change in user authentication method due to security concerns and other implementation problems related to use of Aadhaar Number, etc.

New Features added in Hamraaz Army App Version 6.0

  • Latest Version Hamraaz 6.0 App
  • Features of individual Specific Notification
  • Important Notification of common Interest
  • Submission and Monitoring of Grievances
  • Online change of AFPP Fund and some additional features etc.

Humraaz India Army App Download 2019 (All Version)

Here is all version of Hamraaz Indian army app lists including latest version 6.0

Steps to Download Indian Army App: Hamraaz

    1. Download Hamraaz Army App Free, you have to Visit here (Latest Hamraaz App V 6.0)
    2. Now, Download Pop-Up will appear
    3. Tap on Download & it will Automatically Save to SD Card
    4. Now Install the Hamraaz APK from SD card & Signup on Hamraaz app.
    5. Note: The app is not available on iPhone, Windows devices. We will update here, once it will get available.
    6. Signup on Hamraaz App, You have to Enter Aadhaar Card number & Other Army details which is required
    7. Now Done. You can check all your Payment details, Pay & Service details, etc.

How you can use this app for defense?

  • First of all, Open the Hamraaz App, If you are First time user, then click on Signup, otherwise use Login
  • Now Enter your Aadhaar Card number & Other Army details
  • That’s done. Now you can check all your Payment details, Service details, etc.

Hamraaz APP Download Link for Windows PC, Laptop & iOS

As of Now, The Hamraaz app is available only for Android Users and not available for PC, Windows & iOS. Or you can use Humraaz App Indian Army Download in Android Emulator YouWave, BlueStacks.

NOTE: Please be sure that simulator can’t be used in low resources PC or Laptop.

How to Download Hamraaz Army App from Google Play Store?

Hamraaz army app is specially developed for serving soldiers and for normal citizens it has made not available and not given any permission to make use of this app even though Hamraaz App Free Download is available.

  • In Google Play Store, you can’t find this app for downloading you can find this app on the website link
  • So you need to sign up if you would like to see the details like Pay slips, salary details, and other salary related things.
  • Click the link stated above, then you need to save SD card  or any other storage device

Make Unknown source enable from the Android phone setting and thus find install operation instruction as once the Hamraaz Army App is downloaded

What Features are Added to Hamraaz App?

  1. Hamraaz Army App for Check Payment is updated on 29-Aug-2017, 10:49:07 AM
  2. Till now around 2117390 downloads has already done and there are still downloading on the site
  3. There will be no charge for the Hamraaz Mobile Application Download Apk and it is made freely available for all the soldiers.
  4. Version 2.79 and 2.70 are available at the given link. The Major difference is that some security features are not up to the mark in 2.79 version whereas major bug fixes with the 2.70 version

Are you wondering and looking for the tutors how to make use of the Humraaz app, you don’t need to be as in this article you will find an easy and appropriate way to operate Hamraaz army app which helps you in easy managing option which are available with this Hamraaj army app download.

How to Operate and Use Hamraaz Army App?

So, there is a simple way to operate as you Download Hamraaz Army App.

  1. First, the most thing you have to do is to sign up for this app.
  2. While entering details for signing up, you have to enter valid Aadhar card details which is made mandatory for every Hamraaz app users
  3. There is also a need to have some other details of Army-related terms which is also important for signing up for Hamraaz Army App.
  4. So once Download Hamraaz Army APK File, and then activation is done, then you can have access to view Salary Slip, Salary Pay, Pay Slip and other payment details within the mobile.

You can also download Google TEZ Payment app to send & receive money easily.

How to Download Pay Slip of your Salary from Hamraaz Army APP?

Download Hamraaz Army App version 6.0 Apk 2019 and Check Pay Slip, Service Information & Hamraaz Army App Helpline Number. Hamraaz Army Application Download, Hamraaz Army version 6 APK Download Link of  Latest Version. Hamraaz Army APK Download for version 6 Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Check below content for the process to download Salary Slip:

How to Open Downloaded Pay Slip in Hamraaz App?

You need a special password to open your payslip. To know that password. See Below what is your password for the Hamraaz Army App.

What is my Password of Play Slip in Hamraaz APP?

You can even download Payslip where you need to sign in with the username and password given to you during the signup process after Download Humraaz Army App.

See below image for more details about Hamraaz army app Password and Username:

Hamraaz App Play Slip Password

  1. Pass of Hamraaz App is 8 digit.
  2. The 8 digit password consist of first 4 digit number is your first 4 digit number of pan card
  3. first 4  digits of your enrollment number
  4. For example, if your first four-digit of PAN card is ACUP and Enroll date is 13 March 2017 then finally your password will be ACU1303. That means default password will always have 8 alphanumerics

Need any assistance? Check here: Hamraaz Army App Customer Care Number

Support & Helpline Number For Hamraaz Army App 2019

If you want to know more, you can call on 9560641424 (Official Hamraaz Army App support number). Alternatively, you can email on

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