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How to Resolve or Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem – Reset JioPhone

How to Resolve or Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem – Hard Reset JioPhone. Fix Jio Phone Hanging Problem and know How to Reset Jio Feature Phone 1500. If you Jio Phone is Hanging too much, You can do the Hard Reset you Jio 1500 Rs Phone. Find JioPhone Hanging Problem Solution. Jio Keypad Mobile Hard Reset. Steps to Fix Jio Feature Phone Hang Problem.

Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem

Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem and are you looking for the solution to Fix Jio Phone Hanging Problem then you are at right place. Here in this article, you will find complete scenarios how to fix Jio feature phone hand problem. We all know, Reliance giving its best in offering service to the people regarding network and many.

Resolve Jio Feature Phone Hanging Problem easily

Reliance Jio Rs 1500 phone was the recent update by Jio which got more popular and people are crazy about it. But, now people are complaining about there is hanging problem in the Jio 1500rs phone and wonder about how to reset Jio feature phone hanging problem.  Before going to steps to wipe out the hanging problem in the Jio Rs 1500 phone, let see what will be the reason behind the hanging problem of Jio.

How to Resolve Hanging Problem on Jio Phone Rs 1500:

  • Not deleting the cache, log files, cookies, history, and the opening of multiple tabs. Yes, you to have to check for the deletion of cookies, cache and log files. It should not open many tabs on the browser which might result in the hanging of Jio Rs 1500 mobile phone.
  • You should take care of internal memory and external memory. Make sure that they both are not full. You have to check the update of external and internal memory will be one of the reasons for getting hanging problem in Jio phone
  • Running more apps at the instant, so the thing is more running apps on the phone will be also one of the problems for Jio 1500 Rs.
  • Should take care of application installed on phone memory instead of the external memory. You may install an application on phone memory but take care of installing external memory.

How to Hard Reset Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem?

Here are some easy steps that you can Fix your Jio Feature Phone hanging Problem and follow these steps carefully for the Solution of JioPhone Hang Problem.

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Check Storage and Clearing Space in Phone Memory:

Yes, the foremost thing you need to do for setting Jio Phone 1500 hanging problem and in case you may get the notification that internal memory is full. Remove unnecessary files and unused files on the memory. You didn’t got how to check memory is full or not on your Jio phone. See how to check storage memory Jio phone 1500 rs

  • Please, Open the Setting menu on your device.
  • Click ‘Storage’ to check the remaining memory phone.

Shut Down Apps:

There will be some applications where you will not use them all the time, make sure that you closed that application and it will be helping you to fix Jio feature phone hang problem.

  • Open setting on the Jio Phone
  • Touch ‘app’ in device section and select open app from the listed
  • Force Stop option will be screening for you, close the application.

Reset Your JioPhone Device:

If still phone hanging problems exist then you need to reset the device. Once you reset the Jio Phone then there will become chances of fixing Jio feature hanging problem

  • Press and hold the power key and plus volume key for few of seconds
  • When the screen is redirected to LCD screen, then release the screen. That’s it you are almost done.

So this is how you can fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem with the steps shown above.

How to Resolve or Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem – Reset JioPhone
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