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{*TOP 5*} Free Tools for Editing Photos Online without Photoshop

Top 5 Free Photo Editing Tools & Free Photo Editor, Online Image Editor Tools Free Download, How to Edit Photo without Photoshop Online? Here are 5 Free Online photo editors packed with brushes, filters and other advanced tools to make your pictures look amazing.

How to Edit Photos Online without Photoshop?

Ah, Photoshop, it’s a famous 25 years old program. It’s a powerful tool with a lot of loyal and happy users. Problem is, it’s got a high barrier to entry for beginners, and it’s expensive too. Here we are going to tell you about how to edit photos without photoshop.

Fortunately, there is lots of free photo editing software out there that can help you out. We are here with few alternatives and online photoshop tools with that you can edit photos without using photoshop and I hope you will like them.

List of 5 Free Photo Editing Tools

Here is the list of All free Tools for Photo Editing without Photoshop, Comment down your favorite one.


Canva is a free graphic-design tool that you can use from the comforts of your web browser.

Many experienced bloggers and Instagrammers love this tool. It’s easy to play around with, especially if you have zero experience editing images on a computer.

If you’re looking to edit an image for a particular social media platform, Canva will habitually give you a choice of presets for your liking of a platform (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

Users can then drape text, icons (similar to “stickers”), shapes and borders onto their images, and can choose from fifteen different filters. Editing the saturation, brightness, intensity, etc. is also possible with Canva – however, you won’t be able to retouch specific areas of your image (i.e. “photoshop out” small details or blemishes).

Canva also has educational modules on its website (under the Canva “Design School” tab) and tutorials, in order to help its users with the basics of graphic design. Check them out if you’re looking for tips on choosing fonts, images, and colors for your graphics.

MacOS’ Preview and Photo

If you own an Apple product, you will have access to Mac’s built-in image editing software.

Both Preview/Photo (Macbook or Desktop) and the Photo app (iPhone or iPad) allow users to edit their images within the respective application – that’s right, you can do more than just view your images with these features. Both are often overlooked by users and are pretty decent alternatives to Photoshop.
How do you access the editing features of Preview and Photo? It’s pretty straightforward.

For Preview, tap or click Markup to edit or add to your image. Under the Tools menu, you will be able to find options that allow you to adjust the color and size of your image. You can also export your images in various file format. Edit photos without using photoshop using this amazing iPhone app and get awesome results.

And with your iPhone’s Photos app, you can play around with automatic enhancement feature (automatically edits your photo), special effects filters and color parameters.


Snapseed is a free photo editing app for your smartphone. It’s available for both iOS and Android and is one of the most versatile photo editing apps on the market. Some professional photographers have been known to use this app for retouching on the fly, so if you’re looking for pro results Snapseed is the app for you. You can edit photos without photoshop using Snapseed.

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The app boasts over thirty-two modifying instruments to choose from – together with a Double exposure filter (for combining pictures) and the potential to save Stacks (i.e. Layers) of edits utilized to a person snapshot. And when you’re in poor health of Instagram’s filters, Snapseed has eleven exclusive ones that you could opt for from. You could even create your own filter, by means of saving it as a “appear”, and then reusing it on future photos.

You can also try these two online Photoshop Editor Free

  1. Free Photo Tool

If you guys cannot afford that expensive famed photo editor Adobe Photoshop then use this site to edit photos without using photoshop. It’s really a good opportunity for you guys. It’s almost the same as adobe photoshop with the same tools and the better thing is that this photo editor is more user-friendly. Then what are you waiting for go to the browser and visit

  1. Online Photoshop Free

This site is almost same as above site but there is something better with this site is that you can use this editor online. Yes, you don’t need to download this editor all you have to do is just visit and click on create a new image and upload your image which you want to edit and you can edit photos without photoshop. Now here you are with your all of your favorite tools which you want to use but can’t afford adobe photoshop, you will get everything free here.

These are the Top 5 Free Photo Editing Tools & Free Photo Editor. What are your Favourite tools after this article? Hit notification icon and get latest updates about “Free Photo Editor without Photoshop Online“.

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