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Freedom 251 Trending Smartphone in India in 2016 Followed by iPhone 7

Freedom 251 is The Most Trending Smartphone in India in 2016 Followed by iPhone 7- After iPhone7 Freedom 251 is most trending Smartphone in India in 2016. Google revealed most searched smartphone in 2016 giving us a summary to justify which smartphone is mostly searched in which category and none other than Freedom 251 smartphone which shocked every brand among the most searched brand has dominated the google search engine result even have beaten iPhone7 which was launched in this year after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failure. Here is the list of trending smartphone brand in year 2016.

Delivery Of 65,000 Units Of Freedom 251

Most explored smartphone in google result in India 2016

  1. Freedom 251.
  2. iPhone 7.
  3. Lenove K4 Note.
  4. Red mi Note 3.
  5. Samsung galaxy J7.
  6. Moto G4.
  7. Oneplus 3.
  8. iPhone SE.
  9. Google Pixel.
  • Lenove K5 Note.

iPhone 7 new features

Freedom 251 not only shock to every Indian after it was announced early this year. Ringing Bells a Noida based company claimed this year they can deliver smartphone which will be the cheapest Smartphone in the world at just Rs. 251 rupees called Freedom 251. Freedom 251 will have all that features that a common smartphone have.

There is no doubt in Freedom 251 features because as per survey made on Freedom 251 specifications Freedom 251 will not be available at such low cost for all time rather Ringing Bells a Noida based company promoting its phone because they are new at branded android smartphone in global market. Freedom 251 will be available for customers in low price in first and second flash sale and after that Freedom 251 price will be changed to its original price.

iPhone 7

On the other hand Reliance JIO has announced and proved too by giving 4G enabled Smartphone customers to free 4G internet, free calling. It would be a bonanza for a common people who do not have budget to buy a Smartphone in market price.

Freedom 251 the most search Smartphone have gone through several controversial issues in India that company has cheated people for fake publicity purpose but on the other had company spokesperson refuted the rumor and claims that company have been distributed approx 70,000 smartphone in different state in India like Haryana, West Bengal, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and more states.

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