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HotStar Watch and Play App Download – Redeem Points & Coupons

[*WIN KUV100*] HotStar Watch and Play App Download – How to Redeem Points & Get Exciting Prizes, Coupons & Vouchers. Participate in Hotstar watch N play contest and you can win lots of grand prizes and coupons. Hotstar Predict and Win lots of exciting prizes. Hotstar Watch N Play – Khel dekh, Game dikha.

What is HotStar Watch and Play?

Hotstar Watch and Play is a wonderful opportunity for Indian Premier League (IPL) fans to watch their favorite teams play and also predict what happens during the game.

When you watch the match live you will have to predict how many runs are going to be hit or if the batsman is going to be out. Well, Hotstar Watch and Play also asks a few trivia questions now and then as well.

HotStar Watch and Play App Download

You need to download Hotstar App from play store or app store and you will ready to participate in Hotstar watch and play game.

What do you get of Predicting Right?

Well, you get points. Now each time you predict you get a certain amount of points, for example, if you predict a player getting out you will get 150 points if you predicted 4 or 6 runs then 50 points and for 0, 1, 2 and 3 run you get 10 points. And for trivia questions, you get 150 points each.

For each point, you get you will go up in level. You start off at level 0 and you can go up in level. There is no level limit. Your total number of points and levels are compared with people all around who are using the app and a total ranking list is kept on who all are on the top of the ranking and you can also see your rankings. Now, you would probably ask, what you can do with these points?

What to do with the Points?

Well, that is simple, you get exciting prizes and rewards. I have mentioned earlier how you get points and levels. Well with a level that you get you get rewards from PhonePe, Dominos, Yatra, OYO, PayTM, and Ajio. These are the only available sponsors that provide you vouchers and coupons.

Well, that is not that impressive!? It keeps getting better. If you are able to predict and win a lot, then you can be ranked among the best. And if you make it to the top each person gets additional gifts like Fasttrack watches, Yatra voucher worth Rs.9999, etc. And if you’re the best then you can also win prizes like Cars and Bikes.

How to take part in Hotstar Watch N Play?

  • How cool is Hotstar Watch N Play, right? Now, let us see how you can participate.
  • is simple, Once you have your Hotstar app you have to pay Rs.99 to buy a pass to take part.
  • After that when a live match takes place all you must do is click on the Play tab below the video and you are all good to go.
  • Answer the questions, invite friends, watch the overall rankings and win prizes. Simple, right!

How to Redeem Hotstar Watch N Play Points?

  • The answer to that is simple.
  • Once the cricket match gets over you will be displayed your overall levels and how much points you have earned and if you have any special rewards.
  • If you got any special rewards they will get in touch with you and give you the information needed to win your prize.

If you were unlucky and only won the vouchers, then the coupon codes and voucher numbers will be given to you, so you can redeem your prizes for the specific apps. For example, you won an Ajio coupon you can redeem it at the Ajio App, and if you have a PayTM voucher redeem it in the PayTM app. Simple and efficient. You just must do this for every app and your prize.


This way you can redeem your points and level and get amazing prices and coupons and voucher and all that for simple prediction. If you are one of those hardcore IPL fans and watch matches every day then, Hotstar Watch and Play is the best opportunity for you to get free prizes and coupons.

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Hotstar Watch and Play is the best place for you to win prizes for predicting the outcome of a match. Hotstar Watch and Play also makes each and every one of us a winner! What more do we want?

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