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Jio airwire connected car – AirWire OBD to Launch a Smart Car Device

Jio airwire connected car – Reliance Jio Partners with AirWire to Launch a Smart Car Device. airwire technologies india launched a new device “JIO airwire Connected Car” with airwire obd and airwire car features.

Reliance is set to launch the new Jio AirWire Connected Car device soon – a device that was being rumored to be in development for a while. Rumors were surfacing about how Reliance was bringing Jio services in all vehicles.

What is a Jio airwire connected car?

Wi-Fi in public vehicles are a common scenario these days. You get Wi-Fi when you book cabs. Many modems are available that you Wireless mobile broadband on the go. A lot of us spend a lot of time in daily commute – going to office and then getting back home. In many scenarios, a lot of us either watch TV shows, or complete work on the go when someone else is driving the car. Reliance is targeting such consumers with the Jio AirWire Connected Car service that will being the mobile broadband and vehicle specific services to the car. Reliance is not the first in this case to enter the car telematics. Microsoft has partnerships with manufacturers such as Nissan that allows Nissan cars to leverage the power of Skype for Business or Cortana right from the vehicle dashboard. Reliance’s solution, however, will be targeting a wider audience and for more general usage.

What is AirWire Car?

AirWire is a patented technology that can be used to stream content over LAN. This LAN connections can be wireless, can be made using DLNA over Wi-Fi. AirWire allows you to stream content from your phone, tablet, or any other internet connected device to a larger screen, such as a television that is connected to the internet. The sole requirement is that both the devices should support the AirWire protocols and the internet connection speed required for the setup is usually 4Mbps.

What are the features of the Jio AirWire Connected Car device?

Reliance is not providing specific details on what the device will be and how it will work. However, current speculations say that the device will be a combination of a vehicle diagnostics module, commonly called an OBD scanner with built in GPS and a 4G LTE modem with a Wi-Fi router. There are multiple OBD scanners from Chinese manufacturers that can connect to smartphones over Wi-Fi and report car diagnostics using the app. The AirWire Connected Car device will be based on such a device and will come along with 4G connectivity. Now, with the partnership with AirWire, we know that the device will also be capable of in-car media streaming.

Here is a list of notable features:

  • The AirWire Connected Car device will plug in via the device diagnostic port or the OBD2 port in the car. It will support almost all cars manufactured after 2009.
  • Get Wi-Fi access with 4G internet speeds, powered by Reliance Jio’s services.
  • The device will connect to a companion smartphone app over Wi-Fi and report car data, such as oil levels, RPM, speed and more.
  • The GPS location can be used for geofencing. The user can be alerted if the car is out of a certain area.
  • The car route can be plotted on the map using the app.
  • Music and video can be streamed using the device also.

Jio AirWire Car Connect Features

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Jio airwire connected car – AirWire OBD to Launch a Smart Car Device
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