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Reliance GigaFiber – Jio Broadband Launch Date & Cities List

Reliance GigaFiber – Jio Broadband Launch Date & Cities List. Jio Broadband Launch Date is now in progress and Launched in Mumbai. Reliance Jio is about to launch its broadband services nationwide, with testing underway in Mumbai and Pune. Reliance has not officially announced any launch date for the service or has not even made a public reveal of the service, but it is no secret that they are going to start a broadband service.

What is the expected jio broadband launch date?

Reliance is installing broadband infrastructure all across Mumbai and some people have been able to test the service privately. Reliance Jio broadband launch date is not yet announced, but it is expected to release later this year.

It is rumored that the company has faced some delays while deploying the broadband service. Therefore, it will take a while for the service to be available nationwide. Even if the services launched later this year, it won’t be available nationwide until the first quarter of the next year. The service is still available to a few customers for preview. It is still in a roll out phase.

What are the features of the jio broadband?

Reliance is the first company to bring fiber optic connection directly to homes in India. Reliance is providing FTTH or Fiber to the home connections in India. This is a first time as no other Internet service providers have used optical fiber to directly connect to consumers to the Internet. Reliance advertises that they will provide up to gigabit speeds.

Obviously, fiber connection means that the consumer will require extra networking devices to connect other devices like PCs and routers to the internet. Along with the fiber connection, Reliance will also be providing their own modem. The modem will also provide wired and wireless LAN connections between multiple devices. Customers can also connect their own router and make their own home network.

What plans will be available on launch of Jio Broadband?

Reliance is expected to launch 3 categories of plans. These include the following after Jio Broadband Launch Date.

  • Volume based plans.
  • Speed based plans.
  • Special plans.
  1. The volume based plans

    Come with a limit on the volume of data that can be used. However, the speed is unrestricted. This means the consumer can use a full one-gigabit bandwidth. This is especially helpful for small offices.

  2. Speed based plans

    have a limit on the speed. They also have a limit on the data volume too. However, the limit on the data volume is very high and the consumer is unlikely to exhaust in 30 days.

  3. Special plans

    are in for home users only. These are mostly budget plans Aimed towards home users. Some have lower speeds with new data limits. This is similar to the plans that are provided by the present ISPs.

If you wish to know more about Reliance Jio Fiber BroadBand Plans, go to this link.

Post Summary

After the launch of the service, Reliance is expected to provide a preview of their broadband service free of cost. This is similar to the Reliance Jio welcome offer that was introduced with their 4G services launch. With the broadband preview of for the consumers can try out rely on speak up fiber broadband for 3 months free of cost.

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