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Reliance Jio Car Connect App Download – OBD Scanner connect Device

Reliance Jio Car Connect is an OBD Scanner that Connects to Reliance Jio 4G Network. Jio Car Connect Android App Download – Jio is now coming up with a Real Smart Car Solution with the launching of an OBD device connected to JioCarConnect Mobile App. The combination of OBD Device and Jio Car Connect Mobile App will turn your ordinary car into a Complete Smart car which has all information on your finger tips.

Reliance Jio Car Connect App Download

Reliance Jio Smart Car Connect is Reliance’s new product for vehicle owners that bring the Internet to the vehicle, allowing them to stay connected on the go. The Car Connect goes one step further by allowing you to access car diagnostic data and GPS coordinates right on your smartphone. The device is essentially an OBD or On-Board Diagnostics Scanner that plugs into the diagnostics port of your car. There are multiple devices similar to this that also pair up with a smartphone. However, Reliance Jio Car Connect also puts a 4G modem in the device, thereby making your car a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Why buy Reliance Jio Car Connect?

Now, the question is – what is the point of getting the Reliance Jio Mobile Car Connect, even if you own a car? Well, for those who already use a Reliance Jio 4G SIM, or the JioFi portable 4G Wi-Fi modem, getting the Reliance Car Connect does not make much sense.

Instead, you can get an aftermarket OBD Scanner for your car of your choice that can have a lot more features. You can get the hotspot in your car using the JioFi device. You can keep the device plugged into your car for keeping the device always charged. However, it may be a whole lot of hassle for some. The target audience for Reliance Jio Mobile Car Connect is those who would like a dedicated device for their car.

How will Jio Car Connect App work?

In that way, you will not have to remember to carry your JioFi router, or an extra cable and the car charger to keep it charged. Also, if you use the internet over Wi-Fi instead of using the cellular data connection, you will save a lot of battery, even though the internet access speeds are the same.

Also, the OBD functionality is extra bonuses. Using it, you will be able to spot your car’s issues early. Even though you think it is not needed, the OBD scanner will give you an early warning for issues with your car before it breaks down completely.

Features, Pricing, and Availably of the Reliance Jio Car Connect.

Reliance Jio Car Connect is still under development. Therefore, as of now, all features are not completely tested. The OBD scanner, like any other, plugs into the car’s OBD port and can let you know the RPM, car oil levels, engine pressure, GPS coordinates and more. Using the GPS location, the paired app can also specify a geofence for the vehicle. If the vehicle ever gets out of the designated zone, an alert will be sent to your smartphone app. The map in the smartphone app can also plot the route that the car has taken.

The Reliance Jio Mobile Car Connect is expected to cost around Rs. 2000, with general availability starting December 2017.

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Jio Car Connect Mobile App Benefits

With this Jio auto car connect device, you can remotely control your car automatically like you can switch off your AC while traveling away from your car. This Jio Smart Car App provides all the necessary information like as car oil status, fuel info, battery charge alert, water levels on your car and much more. This all information you can easily get by downloading JIO Smart Car Connect APP. You can download Jio Car Connect Android App from Google Play Store.

  1. You can Track Car Location
  2. You can Check Available Fuel
  3. You can Check Car Speed Live
  4. You can Check Car Temperature
  5. You can Check Battery Info
  6. You can Check Distance From your location
  7. This App Check Anywhere But when you connected internet connection (JIO 4G is available free for you here)
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Like a JioFi device, the Car Connect device will have a 4G connection. You can connect to the Internet using up to LTE speeds. The connection is available as long as the car is turned on. Reliance Jio Car Connect will work with any car that is manufactured after 2009. Cars manufactured after that time comes with the OBD port.

Reliance Jio Car Connect App Download – OBD Scanner connect Device
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