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Jio Car Router – Buy Online, Launch Date, Price, Features

Jio Smart Car – Get Jio Car Router and Convert your car into a Smart Car, Jio Smart Car Router – Launch Date in India, Price, Features, How to Connect and Use, Buy Online, Jio Smart Car Android App, Full Guide. Reliance Jio is already testing a prototype of the Jio Car Router that will turn any car into a smart car. The Jio Smart Car concept allows any car to be a connected car just by having a router connected to car’s diagnostic port.

What is the Jio Car Router?

Reliance is trying to provide internet connectivity no matter where you are. They are planning to provide a device for wherever you are, in your home, car or in office. The Jio Car Router also called the Jio Smart Car is a simple dongle that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and transfers all the data to a smartphone app.

jio car router launch date

This, however, is not a new device. There were many such car diagnostic devices by Chinese manufacturers. What Reliance did is added a SIM card slot for Jio 4G services. So, now, it is a car diagnostic tool and a 4G internet dongle. So, now, your car is an internet hotspot too. Along with that, you can now check tire air pressure, oil level, engine temperature, RPM and more.

Moreover, it comes with a GPS module. This can be used to send the car’s GPS location to your smartphone. The smartphone app comes with a map that can show the car’s route, create a geofence for alerting when the car goes out of the designated area, and also as a speed limit warning.

What cars are the Jio Car Router compatible with?

The Jio Car router is compatible with any Indian or imported car manufactured after 2009. These cars belong to the BS2 segment. These have a port that can be used to read all the car data. The socket is usually located somewhere in the dashboard or under the steering wheel. The device has 16 pins and attaches easily. Once the car is powered up, the device is powered up too.

You can connect to the device over Wi-Fi and data related to the car is streamed to the smartphone in real time over Wi-Fi.

Jio Car Router Pricing and Availablity

What will be the Pricing and when will it be available to the public?: The car router is expected to be priced at Rs. 2000. There is no date on availability. The device is just a prototype as of now and is undergoing testing. The app and the device will be further polished and will receive the Jio branding before they are available to the public. However, the Jio Car router is expected to be available by December 2017.

How to buy the Jio Car Router?

The Jio Car Router will be available directly from Reliance Jio, as well as other online retailers such as Flipkart and Amazon. These are the steps that you need to follow to buy the Jio Car Router.

First, ensure that your car comes with a diagnostic port. Only then, proceed to purchase.

  1. Visit the online store of your choice and go to the product page. If you have an account, make sure you log in first
  2. Click on Buy Now, enter the shipping address
  3. Now, you will have to log in to your account if you have not already done so.
  4. Next, using the preferred payment method, pay the amount and you are done.

Now, with the Jio Car Router, you can convert your car into a smart car.

How to Connect Jio Car Router to your Car?

How to install Jio car Router smart device in your car?: To connect the Jio Car Router to your car, you have to own or buy a 16 pin plug, and insert this device into it. You do not need to worry about this plug pin, this is available almost in every vehicle manufactured after 2009 model. It means you just need a Bharat Stage 2 or up the car to get Jio Car Router being working as a Jio Smart Car. You can check this plugin in your car and can find easily under the steering wheel.

jio car router plug

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Jio Smart Car – Jio Car Router Unboxing


Download Jio Car Router App

This Device needs an Android app to deliver its required output in the human readable form. So when the Jio car router will release, there would be an official Android app for this device also be launched. This Jio Smart car router Android app is easily available on Google play store and your favorite app store.

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Jio Car Router – Buy Online, Launch Date, Price, Features
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