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Download Android Games on Jio Phone & Install Free Games in JioPhone

How to Download Android Games on Jio Phone 1500 Install Free Games in JioPhone. Along with enjoying unlimited outgoing call and data services, you can now even Download Android Games on Jio Phone. Game Download Procedure in Jio Phone is simpler than it seems.

Android games on Jio Phone 1500 & JioPhone 2

Wondering about ways to have some fun with your JIO Phone? Want to get rid of boredom during free time? Worry no more you can now Download Android Games on Jio Phone of your choice at any time and have fun on the go. Install your favorite games in your JIO Phone and shoo away the boredom. Games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run etc are there for download. Go through the installation process of the games and have fun with your phone.

Are you a fan of Subway Surfers, Angry Birds or do you like to cut fruits efficiently like a trained Ninja? Well, all these games are now available for you to enjoy with just a few clicks. In today’s time, a phone without interesting games in it seems to be a boring utility object. And if there is no internet connection and we are unable to connect to social media it seems more like a useless tool. In such cases, only games that do not need an internet connection to run can be our savior. Download Android Games on Jio Phone and enjoy at your free time.

Jio Phone Android Games Download

There are interesting games for the kids, teens, and grown-ups as well. Irrespective of what age-group we belong to, we are all hooked to playing games in our phone. Since JIO phones are not run on Android it does not contain Google Play to help you download games directly from it but it has a different process to download and install your favourite games.

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How to Download Android Games on Jio Phone?

Game Download Procedure in JIO Phone is mentioned below step by step:

  • After selection of your favorite game, turn on the data of your phone to complete the user authentication process in your phone
  • Send the request for your favourite games through the inbuilt application on your phone, i.e. MyJioApp
  • If the requested game is available then MyJioApp will send you the direct link of the game
  • Click the link to download your game
  • Once completely downloaded, install the game on your JIO Phone
  • Have fun with the newly downloaded game

Steps to Run Android Games in Jio Phone 2:

Since the JIO Phone uses KaiOS that is based on the Firefox Operating System the marketplace website can provide all the game application running on the Firefox OS easily. Simply follow the below-mentioned procedure to install the Apps on your JIO Phone:

  1. Click the Market Place Game Apps Download link to go the website for games
  2. You need to register yourself here
  3. Fill the registration form with your email id, password, and your age
  4. A verification link will be sent to your email id you from “Marketplace”
  5. Verify your email id from the link
  6. Now you can easily “sign-in” in the marketplace
  7. Download all your favourite game applications in your JIO Phone
  8. Once the App is downloaded, you can install it on your phone
  9. Enjoy your favourite game on your phone

So, downloading your favourite games on your JIO Phone is not a big task and you can have fun with the games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run2, Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds just to name a few.

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