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Jio Plans After March 31st, 2017 :Prime Membership Plan at 99

Jio Plans After March 31st, 2017: Jio Tariff Plans Prepaid and Postpaid | Prime Membership Plan at 99, Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani has been taken some decisions for Jio Plans after 31 March 2017 today. He started his announcement at 1.30pm, you can watch here entirely what he said to media today.

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  1. After 31st March Prime customer can avail unlimited calling and unlimited data facility at Rs. 303 per month.
  2. Only 10 crore current Jio users can avail Jio Prime Membership Plan at INR 99.
  3. This benefit will be available up to 2018.
  4. All tariff plans of Jio facilitate free voice call, on any network across the country.
  5. Data availability & speed will be doubled in upcoming months.
  6. Jio users can enroll Prime Membership till 31st March 2017.

Reliance Prime Membership Plan

He addresses whole country Jio users and said about Jio Plans after March 31, 2017:

“This is an unprecedented level of acceptance for any technology company, anywhere in the world. We are grateful for and truly humbled by the enormous believed and the unwavering trust that you have placed in us Jio has reason to these lofty heights only because of the affection and enthusiasm shown by you our first hundred millions customers. You have joined us from across our great nation, all the 29 states and the seven union territories of India. Again to all of you I say aabhar, dhanyabaad, shukriya, thank you from bottom of my heart,”

Mr Ambani said: “Friends in a few short months Jio customers have created numerous records. Every single day Jio users make more than 200 crore minute of voice and video calls,”

He added in his statement: “Last month Jio users consumed more than 100 crore Giga bytes data on the Jio network, Today India is the no 1 country in the world for mobile data usage,”

He also added in his statement: “With Jio it is my promise that we will provide World class quantity and quality of data at prices that are affordable,”.

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Here are the details about Jio Plans after March 31, 2017:

  1. 99 every year charge to Jio customer for Prime Membership.
  2. Once you have taken Jio Prime Membership, you can avail unlimited voice call, unlimited 4G data at Rs. 303/month for 31st March 2018.
  3. Voice call will continue to free.

Jio Prime Membership Plan

Important Updates for Jio Customers for Jio Plans after March 31,  2017

After 31st March, Jio will not free, Jio customer can gain all free service before 31st March. To continue with Jio, Jio customers have to be Prime Member, which cost to 99 for one year and after Prime Membership at Rs. 303/ month they can avail all free data and voice call service as they are gaining now.

For Jio Plans after 31 March 2017 Ambani said that we are in process to provide smooth and high capable service across the country compared to fellow operator in India. He also said that Jio has really some big plan for future like Jio Fibre, which will be wired internet service in country. Jio is in testing phase implementing in some area in Mumbai. Yesterday Jio has tied up with Uber for JioMoney a wallet app. Jio users can able to pay for rides in Uber cab services through JioMoney app.

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