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Jio Smart Home Appliance – Make Dream Smart Home by Jio Gadgets

Jio Smart Home Appliance – Make Dream Smart Home by Jio Gadgets. Make your home smarter and secured with the Jio Smart Home Solution Devices. The unmatched benefits of Jio Smart Home will change your life completely.

Launching of Jio Smart Home Appliance

On 5th July 2018 Reliance Jio reached another milestone of their operation. We all know Reliance Jio since its inception and every time it has surprised us with new launches, schemes offers etc. This year was also no exception. During the 41st Reliance Annual General Meeting, Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani along with two children announced the launch of several new services and schemes along with the Jio Smart Home.

Among the many launched products and schemes during the 41st AGM, the launch of the Jio Smart Home accessories has successfully grabbed the attention of millions of people in the world.

Make Your Dream Smart Home by Jio Gadgets

The meeting was started with the launch of the company’s first optical-based wireless connection which has been named as Jio GigaFiber. The launch information was provided by none other than the company’s chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Later on the stage of taken by the next generation of the Ambani’s i.e. Isha Ambani and Akash Ambani along with Kiran Thomas. They talked about the launch of the new JioPhone 2 and its features and offers.

In this AGM, no new recharge schemes for Jio mobile connections were launched. It was more about the launch of gadgets, new technology for broadband, Set Top Box and the latest Jio Smart Home.

What is Jio Smart Home?

The Jio Smart Home technology will completely transform your life. It will bring new security features and services to enhance the living standard. The Company has announced a range of products under the Jio Smart Home solutions.

Make life easy with Jio Smart Home Solutions

With these simple accessories, you can make every switch, plug point, appliances of your house smart. This means you can now be able to control electronic items from your own handset only. You can now remotely control and monitor everything in your house remotely from anywhere.

The companies president Kiran Thomas added that, with the new Jio Smart Phone service, now you can control and monitor every aspect of your house like controlling temperature, motion detection, leakage of water or gas, opening, and closing of doors and many others.

This is a great step by Reliance Jio as the control over the house remotely will be a great help to take proper care of the babies and elderly persons in the house.

As per the updates, the setup of the same will take a maximum of a few hours and is a completely hassle-free process. It will be done by the best technicians of the company.

What is the Launch Date of Jio Smart Home Accessories?

During the AGM, the company only announced about the launch of new products and schemes. It has confirmed that the Jiophone 2 QWERTY handset will be launched on 15th August 2018. However, the launch date of Jio Smart Home appliances was not confirmed.

The Jiophone 2 and the Jio GigaFiber network is scheduled to be launched in August 2018. Thus, it is expected that the Jio Smart Home appliances will be available in the market by the end of this year.

Operating Method of Jio Smart Home Gadgets

As per the details of operation provided by the company, it is expected that the Jio Smart Home appliances are going to operate similarly to the Google’s Nest. Google’s Nest is operating for a long period in the US and is a very popular smart home appliance.

How Jio Smart Home Solutions Works?

Still, now it is confirmed that the smart home appliance from Jio can only be operated with a Jio connection. If the Company makes any changes of the same in the future is not yet updated.

How Jio Smart Home Solutions Work

As per experts, Reliance Jio will not allow the same to be operated from any others telecom connections. Thus, you may need a Jio connection to gain the facility of the Jio Smart Home.

Price of Jio Smart Home Accessories in India

The detail of the price is again not yet revealed by the company. There are different types of the Jio Smart Home appliances and you can select according to your individual need. The prices of the different appliances are definitely going to vary and you can easily select the one as per your need and budget.

As per the Reliance Jio operating methodology in the last few years, we are quite sure that the price of Jio Smart Home Accessories will not be a factor. Jio is known for providing the best and quality service and that is also at the most cost-effective way.

So, now no more worry about keeping the lights on while leaving the house, just use your phone to do the work.

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Different Jio Smart Home Devices List

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of appliances introduced as the Jio Smart Home appliances. Different appliances will have different types of functions and thus you can select accordingly.

Below is the list of the planned Jio Home Appliances to be launched in the market: –

  • Smoke Sensors
  • Water Leak Sensors
  • Sirens
  • Gas Leak Sensor
  • Panic Button
  • Door Sensor
  • Smart Video Doorbells and others

These appliances will help you to have a complete control over your house and its security. It will make the life easier and secure. Some of the appliances will make each and every electrical socket or switch a smarter one.

The major benefits of Jio Smart Home are that you can control the operation of your house and its security from anywhere with the help of your Jio Phone.

What Are the Benefits of Jio Smart Home Products?

We all are leading a very fast-paced life. Our lifestyle has changed a lot in the last few decades. Now we have more advanced vehicles, smartphones, computer system etc. But what about the place where we stay?

We still use the same old traditional locks to secure our residence and others. Now it’s the time to change. Reliance Jio brings you with the most advanced Jio Smart Home appliances. This will not only make your life easy but also secured.

The major benefits of Jio Smart Home Gadgets are below: –

  • Security: –

    With the security appliances like smart video doorbells, you can feel completely secured at your home. It will provide you with the best security and alert you to any kind of issues in prior.

  • Ease of Life: –

    The smart appliances make the life more convenient, Just imagine you taking care if your kid like bathing him/her or feeding and someone rings the doorbell. With the use of the smart appliance, you can just check the visitors and even open the door for them without the need to even get up from your place.

  • Safety: –

    Leakage of gas from the kitchen is one of the basic reasons for accidents at home. However, the Jio Smart Home products will alert you prior it’s too late.

  • Savings: –

    Electricity and water consumption can easily be saved. It not only helps you to save your money but also adds to the development of the country. With the smart appliances, you can easily get notification of unused electricity or water and you can easily turn them off with the help of your Jio Phone.

Jio Smart Home Appliances Buy Online Booking

The Jio Smart Home is a great initiative by the team of the Reliance to provide more security and bring convenience to the life.

Jio Smart Home Accessories Buy Online & Booking

These products are not launched yet officially so that you can register your interests in these Jio Smart Home Gadgets. When it will be available for Online Booking, we will notify you. Don’t forget to mention your product name in the specified area.

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