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Not Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but Freedom 251 is among the top 3 trends of 2016, says Google!

Not Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but Freedom 251 is among the top 3 trends of 2016, says Google!-Freedom 251, the phone which shocked every Indian after promising of giving Smartphone in lowest price Rs. 251 which is hard to believe in so many ways. No doubt, Indians must be obsessed with “cheap” Smartphone and as of now how Indians are getting the benefit of Reliance JIO. It seems like bonanza when people are getting their dream Smartphone Freedom 251. Normally a genuine Smartphone price starts with Rs. 5000 and above and at the same time Freedom 251 is genuine worth is around Rs. 8000 but the company Ringing Bells policy to promote Freedom 251 they are ready to give customer in negligible price to customer in first or second flash sale after that the price of Freedom 251 might change to its genuine price. Lucky are one who will get their chance in first or second flash sale.

Freedom 251

Freedom 251 news occupied in media since announcement made by Ringing Bells during the inauguration. Samsung, on the other hand, one of the top Smartphone brands not only in India but all over the world saw it’s most embarrassing and damaging failure news in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hence its proved as dangerous to Smartphone users who injured badly in the USA and another country.

iPhone 7 or iIPhone 7 plus which was 2016 most awaited Smartphone launched by Apple, few months before it was in trend in news. Other than Apple iPhone7 or iPhone7 plus, Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone SE (Special edition phone) were third on Google search result. Google pixel occupied 5th position in search this year. Samsung Galaxy, however, secured 6th position, and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus occupied 7th position. Nintendo occupied 9th position and Samsung Galaxy J7 secured position 10. According to analysis, Apple ruled 2016 with its launches and Samsung have to stay behind this year a huge loss for reputation after receiving a negative response from critics and users as well.

Now Freedom 251 emerged among the rush of such branded Smartphone and has taken a new shape of the market for Smartphone lovers. It was successful in diverts attention to its feature and price. But sooner or later Ringing Bells, however, fails to fulfill promise several time but as Ringing Bells Spokesperson claim that Ringing Bells had delivered 70,000 to the customers in different states is becoming a new hope who have desperately waited and have paid already to Ringing Bells.

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