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THE REAL STORY LYING BENEATH FREEDOM 251 : Every Indian’s jaw opened wide when he or she heard the news of getting a smart phone in just $4 or Rs. 251. The price was considered as the promotional offer for the latest smart phone that is going to be launched in India. The news swiped the entire country from her feet and everyone started to look into the matter. The name of the phone was Freedom 251 as it provided freedom to the users from the heavy priced phones in the contemporary market. Indians of almost all ages wanted that phone under curiosity as the price was absolutely nothing in compared to what the company is providing as the features of the phone. In the history of innovation and technology this is the most bizarre incident that impelled the Indian government to look into the matter. After various interventions and analysis, the entire project was considered as a scam.


The world’s lowest priced smart phone was marketed by Noida based company, Ringing Bells Private Limited. Freedom 251 was offered at the cost of the Rs. 251 that no one believed. It has been a year since the venture was taken out of the market. The BJP Minister of Parliament Mr. Kirit Somaiya lodged a complaint against the company claiming that this is a nothing but a scam to fool the Indians in broad day light. An FIR was launched against the Director of the company, Mr. Mohit Goel and the President Mr. Ashok Chadda. The company was charged under the section 420 as per the Indian penal Code and Information Technology Act; ITC accusing that no one provide this type of phone at that price even considering everything possible.


The handset in the name of Freedom 251 had the following specifications

  1. Slate type modification
  2. 540 x 960 pixels screen
  3. Weighed 180 grams only
  4. The operating system was Android Lollypop 5.1
  5. The CPU speed was 1.3 GHz
  6. Inbuilt storage space was 8 GB with 1 GB RAM
  7. 1450 mAh battery
  8. Bluetooth 3.0

These specifications were not a matter of joke at that time and people thought that the scheme was just hoax news. It also had an expandable memory slot where one can use up to 32 GB of external memory. The description also said that the phone was capable to run for 5 hours after a single full charge session.

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Freedom 251 was launched for 4 days in that limited price offer. The entire website suspended when it could not handle huge volume of traffic. Before crashing it took 30,000 registrations. In fact the company announced that the original price of the phone will be Rs. 500 and the website recorded a pre-order booking worth Rs. 17.5 million. After the FIR, the investigation revealed that the price of such phone cannot go down beyond Rs. 3500. Other reports depict that the price is only possible when the company has huge tie-ups with the promotional companies and huge number of phones are already running in the market. Freedom 251 is considered to be a big scam. The company has stopped selling the phone and has now ventured in traditionally priced smart phones.

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