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How to Record Video Call on WhatsApp and Facebook – Process & Steps

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How To Record Video Call On Whatsapp And Facebook?

WhatsApp and Facebook have become very common and a huge crowd of people is active over these two apps. Have you ever thought with whom your teen daughter is having, the video call? It is important for you to know the same in order to save her from the online predators, right? You can now record video call on WhatsApp to know about the same, but how?

How To Record WhatsApp Video Call?

You can now easily record the video calls over these two apps with two screen recorder apps known as DU Recorder and AZ Screen Recorder. These two apps have a very simple process to record a call on WhatsApp. You just have to follow the steps to record the calls on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Record Facebook Video Call Process

What Are These Two Screen Recorder Apps?

How do they work? What are the steps to follow to record the calls over WhatsApp and Facebook? Just have a slight look at these two screen recorder apps-

  1. Du Recorder-

    It is a kind of Screen Recorder as well as a Video Editor having a great portability. How to Record Video Calls on Facebook with this app? You just have to tap on the floating icon on the screen from which the recording will start automatically and you can either resume or pause it as well.

This is such an amazing app recorder which can allow you to record the sound as well as the entire video and you call also use this single app to record a number of video calls from any other app.

  1. Az Screen Recorder-

    This app allows you to Record Video Call on Whatsapp and Facebook by pulling up the notification bar. You can also run or pause the recording from the control panel. You can now record the videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, and on numerous other apps. It can provide you the clear recordings with proper sounds.

How To Use AZ Screen Recorder?

  • The very first step is to download and install the AZ Screen Recorder on your Android mobile phone or PC
  • Now, tap the AZ Screen Recorder from the apps list and a popup will occur
  • Now, you just have to open your Whatsapp or Facebook account to make a call to anyone
  • While making the call, you have to tap on the icon of this recorder and the recording will start automatically
  • The recorder app will provide you the entire recording in the notification bar after ending your call
  • You can also record your incoming calls over WhatsApp and Facebook as well.
  • You also have to make sure that you have enabled the record audio feature of AZ Screen Recorder App in the settings before making your call. This is mainly because your video calls may get recorded without the sound if this option is disabled.

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There are various simple ways to record video call on WhatsApp and you can now easily protect your children from becoming the victims of the online predators who are always engaged in manipulating the children for some wrongdoings. So if you really want to protect your loved ones from such wrongdoings then you must try these ways at least once!

How to Record Video Call on WhatsApp and Facebook – Process & Steps
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