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Buy NOW*} Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone – Rs 999 & Rs 1499

Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone – Reliance Jio is planning to Launched Upcoming Featured Phone worth Rs 999, 1000 & Rs 1499, 1500 (4G) Mobile Phone Online Booking. JIO Smartphone 4G VoLTE Cheapest Smart Phone. This is the best-featured phone for JIO Internet Users.

Reliance Jio is set to launch Rs 999, 1000 and Rs 1499, 1500 4G Mobile Phone online booking will be available here as soon as the company makes public announcements regarding the availability of the devices. Reliance is making 4G connectivity a viable option for the masses in India with a new ultra-low cost device.

Why have a Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone

To use a 4G connection, you will require a smartphone. However, the majority of the people in India use feature phones. Feature phones cannot connect to 4G networks. Half of them cannot even leverage 3G networks. Therefore, to bring 4G to the feature phone users, Reliance is talking to manufacturers to create devices that can take advantage of their country wise 4G networks.

Jio Featured Phone

Right now, there are phones from companies such as Lava, but they are priced around rs 3000. These phones are still out of reach for those living in rural areas. Smartphones are not quite an option, because of their steeper learning curve.

Specification of this featured phone

Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone – Reliance is not in talks with the Chinese chipset maker, called Spreadtrum to make these phones a reality. The company has a 2-year partnership with Reliance. Spreadtrum has a history of making ultra-low cost mobile devices. Right now, chipset costs have reduced further, allowing chipset makers to include 4G capable processors in low-cost devices. These phones will have 4G VoLTE, but with very basic functionalities such as making phone calls and texts.

The phone is expected to be similar to that of the 4G phone by Lava. The feature phone will have a simple bar form factor, with a navigation key, soft keys, numeric keypad and also some dedicated buttons to invoke camera, FM radio, music player, and the web browser.


For a 4G phone, the web browser will be an important component. We can expect to see it being powered by Opera since that browser provides really great performance on entry-level devices, even on 2G connections. The phone is also expected to be Wi-Fi capable.


In terms of imaging, there will be one fixed focus camera and a LED flash. The camera resolution is not known. It would be safe to assume it will be a VGA camera. There will not be any front camera.

Processors and OS

The feature phone will not run on a traditional Android OS. It will have a dual-core or quad-core Spreadtrum processor. With that, it will have 512MB RAM. It will have an embedded operating system that is deeply integrated with the services of Reliance Jio. This will be used to connect to the same set of services that people on a smartphone can do using the My Jio app.

Battery life

The phone will also have a sub-2000mAh battery that is expected to keep the phone powered up more than a day. Utility functions provided by the phone includes calculator, converter, and flashlight. Obviously, users can use the browser to do much more.


Not having Android OS means the user cannot download or install any apps. This, however, is a great boon for battery life. There is also no word on the storage yet. The phone is expected to have a few megabytes of storage, with SD card support.

Key Features of Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone

Form factorBar, feature phone with numeric keypad
ProcessorSpreadtrum chipset, dual or quad core CPU
Operating SystemEmbedded OS
CameraVGA, fixed focus, with LED flash
StorageLittle or no internal storage, with microSD support
BatteryAround 2000mAh

Benefits of Reliance Jio Rs 999 & Rs 1500 (4G) Mobile Phone

The majority of the Indian cellular users still use a feature phone. Having a Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone means that they can now use cellular data more easily. A lot of people use a feature phone along with a smartphone. The feature phone is not only a backup phone but is great for talking a lot over the phone. Feature phones have a much better battery life and durability.

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Reliance is targeting the rural areas and this segment with their Reliance Jio Rs 999 & Rs 1500 (4G) Mobile Phone. The phone is expected to be available in the second half of this year and will be sold along with new Reliance Jio 4G connections.

Buy NOW*} Reliance JIO 4G VoLTE Smartphone – Rs 999 & Rs 1499
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