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{* Confirmed *} When does Reliance Jio Phone Delivery start ?

When does Reliance Jio Phone Delivery start ? Probably Jio Phone Delivery will start from September 1st, 2017 in some selected cities first. Check Jio Phone Booking Delivery City Lists, where Jio Phone Cash On Delivery (COD) will Start Soon.

Reliance Jio Phone Delivery start from September

Yeah..! It is true and now it is officially confirmed by Mukesh Ambani, a chairman of Jio that Jio Phone Delivery starts from September. Reliance Mukesh Ambani has planned to deliver more than lakh pieces of handset mobile and the main aim to meet the expectation of all the people whoever are registered for Jio Mobile Phones.

What are cities where this Jio Phone gets landed?

  1. Bangalore,
  2. Mumbai,
  3. Hyderabad,
  4. Delhi,
  5. Kolkata,
  6. Ahmadabad, and
  7. Chennai

These are the first cities to be expected to get Jio phone after the Jio Phone Delivery start and from the Taiwan Jio Phone 1000 Rs, Jio Phone Rs 500, Jio Phone Rs 999, and Jio Phone 1500 will get imported directly to the cities mentioned above.

From the Taiwan, Reliance centers and Jio stores will have the imported device in the first of September month and can deliver to the customer at the principle of first in the first serve. As of including pre order plan and delivering to the respective members who have done pre ordering first and it is said before only before Jio Phone Delivery start, the customers who book Jio phone will get accordingly.

What happened to Pre Booking of Jio started on 24 Aug?

From the time of Starting Date Jio Phone delivery, people are eagerly waiting for this Jio phone because of the incredible feature and for these features, many are getting crazier about the same.

Pre- booking process has been stopped and it is planned to star Jio Phone Delivery first rather than taking the pre booking orders and not meeting the goals of every individual who have booked the phone. Reliance Mukesh Ambani confirmed in the conference saying that they will start again the process of pre booking once after completing the goals of pre-ordered Jio phone. So he ordered his employees for Jio Phone Delivery start quickly as soon as possible.

Let’s have a glance at the specification and features of Jio Phone and why people are much crazy about this phone?

How Jio Phone works and its Features?

It is very important to know how Jio works before Jio Phone Delivery start, it is because it may help you in confirming the features and specification may satisfied for you in delivering best outputs as per requirements

  • 4-inch screen with multi coated silver giving branded look even though it’s just a basic phone
  • It has inbuilt with 512 MB RAM supporting Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other apps
  • Designed with 4 GB internal memory covering large storage capacity comparing to all other phones
  • Front Camera with VGA and having 2 mega pixels in the rear camera added an extra ordinary feature in the Jio mobile
  • It has inbuilt with 2000mAh battery power back up and can stand more as per usage
  • Provided headset, charger for the Jio phone

Because of these excellent and incredible features, people become crazier before Jio Phone Delivery start. So what else you are waiting for, opt for Jio phone and book before the start of Jio Phone gets over in the market.

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{* Confirmed *} When does Reliance Jio Phone Delivery start ?
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